"May your diet be your first medicine"

Hippocrates (XNUMXth century BC)

Herbal medicine is a word that comes from the Greek "Phytos" plants "Therapeuo" heal Herbal medicine is the treatment of diseases by the use of plants in all their forms. It is the extraction of active ingredients from different parts of medicinal plants (stem, root, leaves). The plant can also be:
  • Hydrosols by (water extraction)
  • Glycerin maceration (maceration in oil)
  • Essential oil (by distillation)
  • Alcoholates (by maceration in alcohol)
Medicinal plants have the power to regulate et treat our body. Herbal medicine is used for various ailments and disorders: Digestion Blood circulation Stress Sleep Allergies Skin problems ... A peu d'histoire: From antiquity, collections present several hundred medicinal plants and herbal remedies: - Pen Tsao (China 2800 BC) - Eber's papyrus (Egypt 1500 BC) - The writings of Hypocrates (Greece 500 BC) Until 1941 in France, only herbalists produce herbal preparations. The 11 September 1941, the Vichy government passes a law that suppresses the profession, in favor of the creation of an order of pharmacists to whom is entrusted the monopoly of the sale and plant advice. In 1979 :, a first list of 34 medicinal plants is published authorizing sale to the public outside the pharmaceutical circuit. Since August 2008, a herbalist does not can sell that 148 plants medicinal products out of the 546 authorized for sale by pharmacists. Today, 50% of small molecules placed on the market for cancer treatment, And most effective drugs to treat influenza or malaria, are still extracted or derived from plants.
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